Maneka Gandhi items to permission for culling animals damaging life, assets

The Federation of Indian Animals Protection Organisations has been protesting against the culling permissions.

NEW DELHI: Maneka Gandhi, the ladies and toddler development minister and animal rights activist, and the Prakash Javadekar-led surroundings and forests ministry were given into a tussle on Thursday over the killing of untamed animals causing harm to human life and property.

Gandhi reportedly said she couldn’t understand the surroundings and forest ministry’s “lust for killing”, as she took problem with the permission it granted to Bihar six months ago to exterminate nilgai and wild boar, affirming them ‘vermin’ for causing harm to crops and humans.

It all started with the environment ministry’s December 1, 2015, notification maintaining the nilgai, or blue bull, and wild boar vermin and granting permission to Bihar to cull them for a year. As consistent with the notification, the Bihar authorities pronounced damage to life and property “due to overpopulation of nilgai and wild pig in regions outside forests”.



“For this reason, those proposals were examined and given permission for medical management for a restrained time for a selected location inside the three states of Uttarakhand, Bihar and Himachal. Proposals of Maharashtra and Gujarat are still being examined,” SK Khanduri, inspector trendy of flora and fauna at the ministry, stated in an assertion.

However, animal rights activists opine culling is rarely a very good answer. They said the leader purpose for animals wandering into human habitations became shrinking of forests, disturbed woodland ecology and hampered animal corridors.

The Federation of Indian Animals safety companies has been protesting towards the culling permissions, announcing these actions are “neither primarily based on based information nor are there structures in area to reveal them”.

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