Probation is a fair cop for Sports activities Direct’s guvnor

Former copper Keith Hellawell, the Clouseau-esque chairman of store Sports Direct, will awaken day after today with 51 weeks to save his job.

That’s fifty one weeks more than most outdoor Sports activities Direct’s boardroom reckon he deserves, but console yourselves with how a lot fun it’s going to be watching him strive.

Impartial shareholders ultimately voted for Hellawell to go last week, after a string of disregarded operating-practices scandals detonated proper under the previous chief constable’s nose. Still, majority proprietor Mike Ashley helps Hellawell, so he can remain in publish for now. He’s promised to stop in a yr if his bumbling keeps.

That changed into illustrated once more ultimate week while Hellawell admitted to ignoring proof of negative practice because he’d been fed nonsense by using the company.

“We had been acting at the statistics we had,” he said. “Considered one of the largest disappointments is we discovered that information become no longer accurate.”

This is a man who changed into no longer handiest formerly One in all our maximum senior policemen, however who also once reportedly turned down a risk to give BBC’s Landscape (at £10,000 a pop) due to the fact “he changed into now not organized to hold forth on topics wherein he had no information”. That now appears extra like a pricing trouble. He gets £155,000 a year at Sports activities Direct – at the least for any other 51 weeks.
Cash or plastic? Wait, they’re each plastic now

A brand new plastic £5 word, offering Sir Winston Churchill, will begin performing at the high street this week.

The banknotes will input move on Tuesday and will be revealed on polymer – which is visible as cleanser, extra cozy and more potent. They will also function Churchill’s quote: “I’ve nothing to provide but blood, toil, tears and sweat” – underneath the photo of the wartime leader frequently idea to first-rate depict his stubborn characteristics.

but does the portrait – firstly taken by the photographer Yousuf Karsh – truly display Churchill’s bulldog spirit, or simply his legendary temper?
Karsh took the photo in 1941 whilst Churchill visited the Canadian Residence of Commons. In a ambitious move at some stage in the shoot, the photographer snatched a cigar from Churchill’s mouth. “By the point I were given returned to my camera,” Karsh later recalled, “he appeared so belligerent he could have gobbled me.”

Financial institution governor Mark Carney puts it more easily: “As he himself said, ‘a state that forgets its past has no future’. Our banknotes are repositories of the UK’s collective memory and, like Churchill, our new polymer notes will stand the test of time.”
Ashley ought to do with a telecoms upgrade

Again with Mike Ashley, the billionaire subjected himself to a ridicule search in Sports activities Direct’s warehouse last week as part of his attempts to show how he’s truly much like his underpaid body of workers. Memorably, the rich person emptied his pockets of a huge wad of £50 notes, in addition to a rather historic-looking cell cellphone.

Ashley’s pal (and fellow saint of the excessive street) Sir Philip Inexperienced is likewise a fan of using communications equipment designed for a bygone age (vocabulary and hardware) – which, as a combination, begins to seem like a very good purpose to make sure you’ve were given modern kit.

They’ll be even greater stress along those lines this week when Apple starts offevolved promoting its state-of-the-art iPhone – the twelfth iteration in its series, that’s why it is going to be referred to as iPhone 7.

The new telephone, which has a starting charge of £599, may be water-resistant and will come with all sorts of new features, inclusive of no headphone socket – a thoughtful addition for that target market who like listening to song and movies and experience they haven’t pretty spent enough on upgrading already.

Ashley, of course, incorporates sufficient Cash to modernise at once, although shape in his warehouse shows he prefers extra manual methods. Calling up a lackey to do his internet searches, as an instance.

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