Why do windows users transfer to Macs and iPhones?


Apple’s Mac computers and iOS devices have always been popular with sure segments of users. however over time many home windows customers have opted to replace absolutely to the Mac, and have also offered iPhones and iPads too.

have you ever puzzled why a few windows users prefer to switch to Apple’s products? An Apple redditor these days requested that query and were given a few very enlightening solutions.

Designerspit began the thread with some questions:

folks who switched from home windows computers, who used to hate Apple: WHY did you hate Apple? And what become the story explaining why you presently use Apple gadgets?

We’re all closed minded on the subject of certain matters. I too was once pc-best. just curious what matters in life open us as much as new “green eggs and ham.”

_hooan: “like any teen/young person who gamed and went on line forums and imageboards, I disliked Apple due to the fact humans instructed me it becomes horrific :-). once I commenced programming and gave it a danger, I in no way went returned!”

R1senfa17h: “I’ve labored in IT as a home windows structures engineer for the remaining 10 years at a company where only the creative group have been allowed to have Macs. by some means, I related the innovative group’s arrogant mindset and condescending smirks as being correlated with their choice for Apple products.

That’s while the business enterprise determined we were all switching from Blackberry to iPhone and I used to be pressured to carry one as my ‘pager’ for important systems alerting. To my co-people’ dismay, I fell in love. It changed into a grimy feeling before everything to be honest. I felt like I had switched to the dark facet.

From the buttery smooth interface, intense attention to each minute detail, super app store – I used to be compelled to reconcile my newfound appreciation for Apple gadgets with how I felt about the innovative crew. I realized they have been just a bunch of overworked, underpaid minions whose best bright spot of their day was getting to work on a fully loaded MBP.

in view that then, I’ve attempted nearly every different Apple product and continuously locate myself impressed and glad – which is uncommon for the ones folks in IT. My small circle of relatives now has 2 iPhones, 2 iPads, a MBP, more than one Apple TVs, and an Apple Watch (which I nonetheless love btw). My spouse just asked for an Apple watch for her birthday next week too. I even invested in Apple inventory a few years in the past and am very glad with that ‘product’ as nicely.”

RosivDamotil: “I used to hate Apple. Had home windows until 7 and most effective Android. however then my wife desired an iPad… This became the point of feeling: it works! in no way what you do, it really works like a charm! So my subsequent step turned into an iMac as home windows again wished a reinstall and of route then an iPhone, for environmental homogenisation. 😉

This was on the time iPad2 became new…”

MarsNeedsGuitars: “a few years in the past now. I continually constructed my own pcs, but needed to paintings with Macs at work. eventually I bored with constantly “tweaking” my computer and trying to make it in some ways better, quicker, leaner. I purchased a Mac and pretty a good deal have in no way with tweaking or pulling apart or reinstalling ever once more.

So in a manner you are proper, the form is the feature. In my case I guess loads of that was inside the OS which lower back then was way greater solid than windows (I’m organized to just accept that might have shifted for the reason that then), however also inside the build excellent. Shit just works.”

Pharos92: “I in no way hated them, I just take into account the electricity computer processors being extraordinarily gradual.

They switched to intel processors, more people advanced for them and I got an Intel MBP for the comparative fee of a window pc. never seemed back!”

5tr2: “computers had been my interest, constructing, tweaking, benching, gaming, tune manufacturing and portraits on the software side.

I later switched to Linux because windows wasn’t deep enough, and for the loose software spirit. loose software program supplied everything I wanted, and the software I used to be already the usage of on windows turned into strolling way higher on Linux. Gimp, Blender, early Krita and so forth.

In Linux land I moved to the Arch aspect of factors over the ears and observed minimalism for me, and it has become my lifestyle as properly. round 2013 after the usage of Linux for some years I gave up on the laptop hobby, tweaking, and just wanted something simple to use and comfortable. Getting a chunk into safety subjects I realized that either you restrict yourself to three historical gadgets and flash it with open firmware, otherwise you run a computer you could’t surely manipulate, due to the fact the Bios/UEFI is still proprietary and made by using shady companies out of doors of the have an impact on of the pc manufacturers. essentially a incredible crappy OS underneath the OS.

Apple changed into the best business enterprise building modern computers with complete manipulate from the firmware and up, and that I ought to nevertheless use the loose software program I used to be using in a fimilar environment, and cope with a corporation that repsects customers privateness and doesn’t promote statistics.

I commenced with Hackintoshing my laptop, and were given a MacBook for mobility. Switching from Gnome to OS X become handy, the whole thing seemed already familiar, because the desktop environments I used to be the usage of on Linux have been already Apple like, and the commandline is quite comparable too. I ditched my tower finally and started out to do the entirety at the MacBook.

nowadays i take advantage of proprietary software again, especially Apples personal stuff for minimalism motives, and due to the fact managing software program you depend on, which later receives axed because the devs promote out is a bummer. people complaining about iTunes, very last reduce, good judgment and so forth. feels bizarre in case you come from I come from. the whole thing is brilliant clean to apply, works without essential bugs and looks so remarkable that enhancing it yourself might make it appearance worse.”

Boxedmilk: “Enrolled in a image important, faculty insisted I buy a loaded MBPR. preliminary tough patch but now I love it. still use my pc for gaming but the Mac environment is extraordinary.”

Leo-g: “Used windows for an early part of my existence and jumped whilst Intel got here to the Macs. I felt like leaping on to Mac made me sense like I stopped putting out fires. specially with the security stuff. I had AVG, ZoneFirewall and a MS malware scanning regular. Made using it now not excellent. the use of home windows 10 with the disturbing as hell security popups is simply offensive to me now.”

Speedyparker87: “Many people (buddies, own family, friends) might point out how they have been overpriced and not worth it. I used them in school occasionally and as I used to be used to home windows, the differences irritated me; plus I’m now not positive they had been on the maximum up to date OS variations

I changed my track on Apple in college. First, I needed to do a business research undertaking on the company that I suppose warmed me as much as them a few. Then they announced the iPad which turned into quite tons the computer I always wanted. I observed each scrap of information approximately it, without delay pre-ordered, and subsequently went all in on the environment.

Apple’s layout choices also reflected goals I had. for example, I don’t forget modding Firefox back in 2006 to have reverse scrolling and to hide the scroll bar. some years later, that turned into Safari’s herbal form. a number of other functions and behaviors of the OS have become what I wanted too.

I probably became a “hater” because Apple became one of a kind from what I knew and grew up with and simply chimed in with the others.”

Codemonkey85: “I notion Apple hardware turned into too high-priced, I didn’t like their mindset in the direction of their competition or the buzzword “magical”, or the perception that they invented something or did it higher than all people whilst it regularly felt like neither was true. Having used an iPhone 3GS as my first telephone, I knew from firsthand enjoy that things don’t ‘just paintings’ on iOS any extra than they do on Android.

still, it became out the hardware was really worth the more feel. Plus, loads of Apple’s software stepped forward, there have been still plenty of high high-quality 0.33 birthday celebration apps on iOS, and the synergy between Apple devices is quite terrific. All that, and Google / Android got to some extent in which it aggravated me extra than Apple / iOS.

Now I’ve been lower back on iPhones for the ultimate 12 months and a half of or so, in conjunction with an iPad and a MacBook, and I’m not planning to move again to windows / Android whenever quickly.”

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