Introducing the 2016 Glamour Beauty Awards…

This month we’re celebrating the twelfth annual Glamour Beauty Awards—so in case you need the high-quality new contouring device or the mascara make-up artists kill for, run, don’t stroll to our list of winners. For the occasion, the arena’s pinnacle hair and make-up professionals shared their picks. However, we all possibly have some of our very own personal Splendor bests and worsts we’d want to percentage with the world, so in no specific order, may additionally I present mine?


Pleasant new improvement inside the international of Beauty:

The playful DGAF attitude that’s anywhere proper now—a shift in our lifestyle from the idea of make-up as a way to fit in (cover-up that flaw! Make the one’s cheekbones higher!) to makeup as a way to face out (throw on glitter! Have fun with color!). My favorite instance du jour is the ombré lip, above, invented with the aid of make-up goddess Pat McGrath (you use lipstick plus matching glitter, and no, it isn’t for consuming spaghetti, But, man, is it cool). Suppose it looks like you: Attempt the Pat McGrath Labs Lust 004 kit ($60, sephora.Com). Our editors even examined it out so that you can see how it appears on My Live Updates.

Maximum sudden location to collect Beauty ideas:

The Olympics. I used to think it was just extraordinary that athletes wear make-up. And it’s far atypical that in some sports, like gymnastics and ice skating, it appears implicitly required—might your uneven-bar recurring or triple Lutz be any much less outstanding without a smoky eye? However, Rio just made me happy because the make-up regarded much less like 5-hour ­pancake-basis sessions and more excellent like amusing. See Simone Biles (beneath, #2) and smile. study that crimson, white, and blue liner! (And that vivid gold hardware around her neck, of the route.) The product I now propose to each person: make-up-setting spray. I stole the concept from my favorite Tv makeup artists and haven’t regarded them again. My modern-day cross-to is Urban Decay De-Slick make-up Setting Spray ($30, urbandecay.Com); it makes the whole thing stick.

The product I Most wish I’d begun the usage of years ago:

Sunscreen. It took me manner too lengthy (like into-my-Nineteen Thirties lengthy) to come around at the power of protecting myself. While you study the one’s interviews with the divinely suitable Julianne Moore, you understand that they are announcing how her exceptional Beauty tool has continually been sunscreen? She isn’t always mendacity! And yet it took me a broom with pores and skin cancer as a person (all excellent, However scary) to certainly study my lesson, and today, to my chagrin, my 13-year-antique shouts with pleasure while she gets tan lines. Please, the following time you hear yourself pronouncing, “I do need a tan,” consider her and every other female who’s listening. Permit’s set a better instance. Protection is stunning. fine hair:

That on the head (and Insta feed) of actress-activist Amandla Stenberg, who takes the Most contagious delight in her curls, shaping them into tender shapes or killer trapezoids.

Best loose Splendor raise:

Sleep. Studies frequently show that a lot of us don’t get enough. Sleep is vital for profound motives (your fitness, sanity, and capability to do such things as force or, say, defend the nuclear codes), But as a generous bonus, it enables you to keep your pores and skin clear.

New favored Splendor icons:

Blake Energetic and Anne Hathaway, no longer for their hair or makeup, But because they may be the 2 Maximum current women to name out the cultural obsession with “celebrating” the speedy form-united states of America Hollywood’s new mothers. When Hathaway published that she turned into making new jean cutoffs to accommodate her postpregnancy thighs, I cheered and wished I’d examine that before I gave a start. Want to understand how outlandish my expectations were? After I had my first child, I brought my prebaby jeans with me to the sanatorium. Repeat: I idea I would wear my skinny types of denim home. If you would possibly provide birth to an organic child, recognize this: You will still look pregnant. And also, you won’t get lower back to your OG body for another yr! Or ever! Who cares! You made lifestyles!

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